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The Last Devadasi by Barbara L. Baer

Barbara L Baer - The Last Devadasi

Kamala Kumari is more than a Gemini Studio starlet –

She’s a classical dancer trained in the age-old line of Devadasis, a caste set in place a thousand years ago when girls were first dedicated in south Indian temples to serve the gods and men. From the promise of art and devotion, the sacred dancers fell into the hands of priests who both exalted and betrayed them.

Beautiful, brilliant and proud, Kamala struggles to escape the old ways, entangling her Indian assistant, Dutch lover, and his young American wife.

With its turbulent passions amid social upheavals, The Last Devadasi takes readers on a sensual feast in the 1970s palm-shaded trading city of Madras.


The Last Devadasi - A novel of passion and forbidden love set in India

The Last Devadasi is published by Open Books (November 2018). ISBN-13: 978-1948598088
SRP (Paperback) $16.95 / SRP (eBook) $8.99
Available from Open Books

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